Grow mushrooms at home

Growing mushrooms at home is a fun project for people interested in gardening.

It is not particularly costly or time-consuming to get started.

The easiest way to get started is plug logs or stumps with dowels that have living mycelium growing on them.

The dowels we sell are manufactured in our laboratory that is adjacent to our mushroom farm.

All dowels are manufactured to order and sent out as fresh as possible. Delivery time varies but usually around 2-3 weeks after ordering.

Grow mushrooms on logs

Most mushrooms that we sell mycelium plugs of do not grow very well on coniferous trees.

Therefore, we recommend that you use logs of hardwood trees.

When plugging the logs, we recommend using relatively recently chopped trees. Cut the chopped trees into as large pieces as you can handle.

We recommend cutting up in lengths of between 50-100 cm. Keep the bark intact!

They don’t have to be fresh, but 1-3 weeks from being felled is optimal.

Older logs that are drier can be used but then we recommend that you put them in a water bath overnight first.

How long it takes until you can expect your first harvest varies depending on the mushroom species and the diameter of the log. The larger the logs, the longer it takes.

But for most species it takes between 9- 12 months.

After the first harvest has arrived, the logs provide mushrooms continuously for years as long as you take care of the log.

Here’s what you need:

  • Logs of hardwood trees with a diameter between 15 – 25 cm. The bark on the logs should be intact.
  • Mushroom dowels (or plugs) with mycelium of the desired mushroom variety.
  • A 9 mm wooden drill
  • A hammer
  • Protective wax (e.g. beeswax or graft wax)

Do this:

  1. Drill holes in the log at about 10 cm apart. The hole should be about 35-40 mm deep.
  2. Rotate the log and make a new row of holes about 10 cm from the previous row. Feel free to put the first hole in the new row between the first two holes in the previous row.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you get all the way around the log.
  4. Hit the mycelium plugs into in the holes you drilled with a hammer. The end of the dowels should be flush with the bark.
  5. Cover the end of the dowels with protective wax. If there are damage in the bark of the log, it may be useful to cover the damage with protective wax.
  6. Mark the logs with mushroom type and date when they were plugged.

After you’ve done these steps, the biggest job done is. Now you just have to wait.

If you have plugged the mycelium dowels in spring, summer or early autumn, you can place the logs directly outdoors.

We recommend a shady place where the sun does not directly shine on the logs for larger parts of the day.

Under a tree or a bush usually works well.

If you have plugged into the mycelium plugs in late autumn or winter, we recommend that you store the logs in a space with basic heating for a few months before you place the logs outdoors. This so that the mycelium will get off to a good start.

The logs themselves do not need to be watered in the same way as, for example, flowers. But we recommend that when plugging the dowels taking note on how heavy the log is. Lift the log periodically ( every 1-3 months depending on how dry it is) and note the weight.

If the log is significantly lighter than when you inserted the dowels, you should put it in a water bath for between 9-12 hours.

Checking the weight of the logs is especially important until you get the first harvest. After the first harvest, we recommend that you sometimes check the weight of the logs, but it is not necessary to do it as often.

As mushrooms start to fruit from the logs, the log will also be lighter as the mushroom eats the nutrition in the log.

Our mycelium dowels for mushrooms are excellent for cultivation throughout Europe.

The mycelium plugs are manufactured in our laboratory, which is adjacent to our mushroom farm in Österhankmo.

The plugs have a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 35 mm.

Our mycelium plugs are manufactured to order and delivered directly from our laboratory. So that they are as fresh as possible upon delivery.

If you wish, you can also visit us and pick up your plugs.

We recommend using the plugs as quickly as possible after delivery.

Mycelium plugs should be stored in unopened bag in the refrigerator until inoculation.

The plugs can be ordered directly from our website or by contacting us.

Buy mycelium dowels

Chaga dowels can be ordered directly from this page. Or by contacting us.

Prices for the dowels contain Finnish VAT 24 %.

The dowels are manufactured to order and the delivery time varies during the season.

Normally, the delivery time is around 2-3 weeks.

If you want the dowels in a certain time frame, it is advisable to contact us before ordering to ensure that it is possible.