Cultivate Chaga

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a parasitic fungus that mainly grows on birch trees.

The mushroom is often called the king of medicinal fungi and has been used as a medicinal fungus in Asia for thousands of years.

The Sami also have a long tradition of using chaga for medical purposes.

The fungus is relatively rare because there is not growing so much birch around the world and therefore it can be sold on export at a fairly high price.

At the moment, most of the chaga used in Asia comes from Siberia. The blast that comes from Chaga is wildly grown and the quality varies.

In Finland, there has been a lot research in recent years on the cultivation of chaga and methods that make it possible to cultivate chaga have been developed.

The prospects for cultivated chaga are bright and the market potential is enormous.

Cultivation of chaga

Chaga can be grown by inoculating live birch trees with dowels that live chaga mycelium grows on.

The inoculation works best on young trees with a diameter of between 15 – 25 cm.

The best time for inoculation is between May – October.

Chaga can be grown by inoculating live birch trees with dowels that live chaga mycelium grows on.

The inoculation works best on young trees with a diameter of between 15 – 25 cm.

The inoculation process itself is done in this way.

  1. You drill a hole in the tree about 40 cm from the ground with a clean drill.
  2. You plug the mycelium dowel into the hole using a hammer.
  3. You cover the hole with protective wax so that no other fungi or bacteria can attack the tree through the hole. We recommend using graft wax or plain beeswax.
  4. You drill a new hole about 50 – 60 cm higher than the last one and repeat the process until you don’t reach higher up the tree. We recommend that you bring a chair so that it is easier to reach higher up. (4-5 dowels per tree is a suitable amount)
  5. Mark the tree you’ve inoculated with color so that it is easy to find again.

After the inoculation of the mycelium dowels, it takes up to 3 years before the “lump” of chaga begins to grow.

You can expect the first harvest within 5-8 years. After the first harvest, you can get several smaller harvests from the same tree. However, the harvest will be smaller and smaller as the nutrition in the tree runs out. When the nutrition in the tree is running out, you can cut it down and use it as firewood.

The expected amount of chaga you can harvest per plug is expected to be around 1 kg during the trees lifespan.

If you inoculate 4 plugs in a tree, you can expect to get about 4 kg of chaga from the tree.

It is difficult to predict the price of chaga over 5 years into the future, but at present the price is between 25-38 €/ kg.

Our mycelium plugs of chaga are excellent for cultivation throughout Finland.

The mycelium plugs are manufactured in our laboratory, which is adjacent to our mushroom farm in Österhankmo.

The plugs have a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 35 mm.

Our mycelium plugs are manufactured to order and delivered directly from our laboratory. So that they are as fresh as possible upon delivery.

If you wish, you can also visit us and pick up your plugs.

We recommend using the plugs as quickly as possible after delivery.

Mycelium plugs should be stored in unopened bag in the refrigerator until inoculation.

The plugs can be ordered directly from our website or by contacting us.

Need help inoculating the plugs into your trees?

Contact us for a quote on our inoculation service.

At the moment, only buy in fresh chaga for the purpose of creating new local cultures for further cultivation.

If you have an chaga that you would like to sell please contact us before picking it to see if it is of interest to us and for instructions on how to proceed.

In the longer term, we aim to also start buying cultivated chaga.

Partly for self-processing but also for further mediation to partners.

Year 0
Year 1-2
Year 3-5
Years 5-8
Years 13-15


You’re inoculating the chaga dowels into your birches.

4-5 pieces/trees approximately 50 cm apart.

First signs

You see the first signs of a successful inoculation.

Around the holes where you inoculated the dowels, the color is darker and the bark can start to crack up a bit.

Growth begins

The first chaga lumps are starting to surface out of the trees.

Don’t always have to be right where the dowels were inserted. But usually nearby.

First harvest

It’s time to take reap the first harvest!

Contact us before you start harvesting them for further instructions.

Second harvest

Now it’s time to reap the second harvest.

This time it’s a little easier since you’ve done it once before.

Third harvest

By now, the third and final harvest from the tree is ready.

After you take reap the third harvest, you can cut down the tree and make firewood out of it.

Buy mycelium dowels

Chaga dowels can be ordered directly from this page. Or by contacting us.

Prices for the dowels contain Finnish VAT 24 %.

If you have a valid EU VAT-id. Please contact us before ordering.

The dowels are manufactured to order and the delivery time varies during the season.

Normally, the delivery time is around 1.5 months.

If you want the dowels in a certain time frame, it is advisable to contact us before ordering to ensure that it is possible.

When ordering through the website, we will contact you and give an estimate of the delivery time.