Our mushrooms

Out in the Ostrobothnian countryside there is a small bay that flows into the sea.

In summer, this bay will be full of white and yellow water lilies.

This particular bay is the insperation to the name of our company, Näckrosgården.

Next to the bay is our mushroom farm.

We are specialized on gourmet mushrooms and offer fresh mushrooms all year round.

We offer our customers unique species that have not previously been grown commercially in Finland on a larger scale.

Our goal is to open up your eyes to what mushrooms can be and what taste experiences they can offer.

Oyster mushrooms

Tasty base mushrooms that fit very well in, among other things, mushroom sauce, mushroom soup or risotto. Can be used as a complement to chantarells.

Lion's mane

A culinary mushroom experience. The taste brings the mind more towards seafood than towards classic mushrooms.

King oyster

A mushroom with firm character and relatively mild taste. Suitable for marinating and grilling.

Elm oyster

Good base mushroom. Slightly firmer in the shape than oyster mushroom.

Pink oyster

Also known as the bacon mushroom. Has a nice pink color.


Asian mushroom with long traditions. Perfect in stews or sushi.

Why Näckrosgården?

Fresh mushrooms

We always deliver fresh mushrooms. Straight from mushroom farm to you.

All year round

We grow mushrooms all year round. You can always enjoy fresh mushrooms.

High quality

Our mushrooms are of high quality. They are clean and ready to use.

No pesticides

At our farm, we do not use chemical pesticides.


All our mushrooms are picked and packed by hand. This is to ensure quality.


The mushrooms are grown in Finland by Finnish labour. All fresh mushrooms carry the key flag.